Tuesday, August 07, 2018

Last night a driver killed a skateboarder at 9th & Spring. His name was Matt Brewer, and he was one helluva guy.

Social media can be confusing. Last night in response to reports of a pedestrian struck by a driver and being badly injured, just two blocks away from my house, someone sent me a photo of Matt Brewer. It wasn't clear to me what this meant, and I actually thought Matt himself was telling me he was safe.

His wife wrote this. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

As many of you may have heard, my husband passed away last night. Matt was struck by a vehicle and suffered massive head trauma. He was rushed to U of L and they did absolutely everything they could. Thank you everyone who has reached out. I appreciate all your kind words.

The hardest thing in the world right now for me is to suppress my anger. I know there'll be time to channel this anger into something useful; it's just awfully difficult to avoid lashing out.

My friend Ryan Hammel wrote this at Facebook, and it is spot on. Matt was everyone's friend, and a valued neighbor of ours on Spring Street.

In this life you meet very few people who have the gift of having zero enemies. If you’re lucky, you’ll meet someone of whom no one can can speak negatively.

Matt lived for other people. When we started River City Craft Wear, Matt bought every shirt (especially the tank top). When Be a Better Dude started, Matt was the first one to join. When I had a tasting at Keg or Bridge, Matt was ten minutes early just to hang out and talk beer before the crowd showed up.

Matt loved and believed in New Albany and the people here. When he was around you, you were in a good mood whether you wanted to be or not.

To know Matt was to know you had a true friend. We owe a favor to him today and every day to try and be the absolute best person we can be...because Matt was the absolute best of us. I consider myself lucky to be a part of Matt’s family, and he will be remembered for all of the good he did for other people.


Unknown said...

I am so sad this young man is gone too soon. We must remember him by serving others and honor the values he lived. I know that Roger Baylor will do something awesome that will bless New Albany. I know many others will do the same. One day there will be no more tears. That day is not today.

Annayisa said...

I drove past this last night immediately after it happened.Traffic had come to a standstill 2 cars in front of me. I thought it was a wreck or a broken down vehicle. When I saw the reality, I was devastated and had to pull over and take a break from driving. I was so worried and hoping with everything in me that they would be okay. I am so sorry for your loss. There really are no words... :[

Unknown said...

So very sad and praying for his wife and family. I went to school with Matt and he was always a cheerful and amazing person.

Unknown said...

Knew Matt through my daughters. He was truly a fine young man. Saddens me to hear this.

Clarissa Bryant said...

We have started a Go Fund Me account for Brook and Matt. Please share and let everyone know! Matt was an amazing person and very close friend, and Brook is my best friend and I want to help support her in any way possible.


Unknown said...

So sad I have a son his age seems like he was a really nice young man that was out to make life better for everyone around him. May God bless him and rest in peace. And may God bless his family and close friends

Unknown said...

So sorry for your loss, last night we notice a guy riding his skate board on spring
I was driving in the opposite direction
My sly remark to.my dad what an idiot why did the city waste money for a bike lane not to.mention nice sidewalks for him to be riding in the middle if a dark street with dark clothing yet he had a big smile on his face. There was no traffic coming up at that time behind him.but I had said people like him are just asking to get hit the bike lane not 4 foot away why be in the street. What a shock he must have been hit shortly after we seen him i live 20 minutes away but took longerdue to I64W contructioni looked at the time as I entered into my home after i checked to see that all my chickens were safely locked up. It was apptox 10:20 to 10:30pm im so sorry for the family and the person who hit him. Honestly that area I seen him was not lit well and a driver would have had a hard time seeing him New Albany needs to ticket people not using the lanes monet was wasted on cause they still ride in the street. This man did not deserve to die had he been in the bike lane possible he would be waking up.today. I'm not trying to be harsh nor upset his family I would like answers had that been my loved one. I hope this helps understand the driver of the car most Likely didn't see him. I think the speed limit is like 30 in that area still not enough time to advoid the collision I don't understand why wasn't he in the bike lane he was skating facing away from traffic. May God give both families strenghth

Unknown said...

Roger what do you think about this idea: promoting reflective clothing and safety in general to young people, especially skateboarders, bikers and walkers. Shine on for Matt. Organize a brief safety rally at the park, give away some reflective vests, etc. have a safety speaker to review the basics, ask the skateboarders to consider forming a group that would create a 'Safety Statement' for the park not just posting rules/legal but promoting an attitude of awareness of risk at all times, affirming life is precious, safety is paramount, looking out for others; and promoting the idea that the older ones in the group agree they are the leaders, the role models who will always be modeling and teaching safety.

Bill said...

I'm surprised we don't have more accidents like this one. I always see people walking in the middle of the street when there is a sidewalk right next to them. A priority needs to be made to ticket and fine people for it.

Unknown said...

You dont know the details. He was not wearing dark clothing, in fact his shorts were white.