Wednesday, August 01, 2018

As HUD's public housing smoking ban goes nationwide, Duggins and his merry elves pre-sign a ream of eviction forms.

Taking into consideration the ongoing absence of ordinance enforcement in so many different areas, and recalling Team Gahan's hostile takeover of the New Albany Public Housing Authority in early 2017 (speaking of banned substances, let's not forget the relaxation of mandatory drug testing for NAHA employees, as implemented somewhat curiously just as David Duggins came bounding up the front steps to assume his six-figure salary), it should be obvious that previously unattainable zealotry as it pertains to the junta's local enforcement of this nationwide public housing smoking ban might well result in displaced former residents and unoccupied units.

Or, Gahan's goal from the very start of the putsch. We don't have a compassion gap in New Albany. Compassion Chasm is more like it.


... The ban, which was first rolled out in 2016 under the Obama administration, also follows epidemic-level eviction rates. In cities like New York, 25,000 families are vying to find homes in the only 1,050 available public units. In Los Angeles, residents have waited as much as 13 years to even apply for public housing. Meanwhile, HUD has slashed $8.8 billion from its public housing budget, meaning that people kicked out of their homes for smoking cigarettes are unlikely to find a place to live elsewhere. Because people who smoke are also more likely to be elderly and mentally ill, the smoking ban seems to target the most vulnerable people in public housing.

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