Friday, August 10, 2018

Gahan belatedly rediscovers "pride," appoints Warren Nash and Idi Amin to the long lost Human Rights Commission, and disappears back into the bunker.

Council minutes of Monday, August 6

Okay, so actually it is Cliff Staten (father of the current redevelopment director) and not the late Ugandan dictator who'll be joining Nash (current Board of Public Works and Safety president, spectacularly failed mayor and the father of a sitting council member) as Gahan's long delayed appointments to Dear Leader's intentionally moribund Human Rights Commission, coincidentally enabling the HRC's sudden resurrection just as the heat is starting to come down on Squire Adam's unresponsive Donnelly Democrats for not giving a tinker's damn about human rights. 

If you believe that Warren Nash on the Human Rights Commission somehow differs from Scott Pruitt in charge of the EPA, please drop me a line. You'll be entered into a drawing, and the lucky winner gets to serve with Gahan's brother-in-law on the City-County Building Authority, or with the mayor's son-in-law on Flood Control, or with his daughters at their summer jobs at the Aquatic Center -- or maybe I'm thinking about former redevelopment director Duggins' sister married to consultant Wheatley who gets all the posh the redevelopment gigs, or the HWC Engineering connection with Dugout ...  

Anyway, second prize is all of them at once in the rubber room of your choice. 

By the way, welcome to Nepotism City.

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