Tuesday, June 05, 2018

ClassicX Escape radio, with new music from classic rock artists.

David Spuria is Dave, the Real Music Observer, and he makes an excellent point (above) about the classic rock radio format.

I recently heard a clip of Eddie Trunk from Sirius saying much the same thing, which is this: seeing as many of these bands and performers still are making new music, it's hard to find it on radio of any sort, whether terrestrial or streaming.

In short, classic rock radio usually plays only "classic" tracks, because that's what listeners want to hear. New music from older acts often is consigned to oblivion. As Trunk pointed out, even Sirius has no channel dedicated to such.

Hence Spuria's tout: ClassicX Radio Escape.

During my first half hour streaming earlier this afternoon, I heard recently released songs from Bob Seger, Joe Walsh, Richard Page (from Mr. Mister), Tokyo Motor Fist (with the guitarist from Trixter and the singer from Danger Danger), Robert Plant and Blondie.

All hail Clem Burke, the great drummer from Blondie. He has a documentary coming soon.

Older tunes are sprinkled through the ClassicX Radio Escape playlist; this afternoon I heard "Can't Get It Out of My Head" by ELO, albeit it last year's live version, and the 1981 Journey hit "Stone in Love," from the album Escape, on the radio station Escape -- and there's also a Journey tribute band in Ohio called ... yes, Escape.

I think this is an excellent idea, and will be streaming ClassicX Radio Escape on occasion. In closing, the Real Music Observer's videos are fun, too. Check them out at YouTube.

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