Sunday, March 25, 2018

Your courtesy compendium of links to the "Portugal Trip 2018" and "Focus on Portugal 2018" series.

Indeed, knowing that we'd be visiting Porto and Madeira, the winter of 2017-2018 became a veritable adult education course on all things Portuguese.

And that's just the way I love it.

Pleasure travel absent context simply isn't pleasant for me, and so I learned what I could; then we went, and I learned even more.

After 38 repetitions of this cycle, you'd think I'd qualify for a "life experience" Master of Arts degree. Maybe some day.

The travelogue, day by day:

Portugal Trip 2018 (1): A Tuesday arrival and introduction to Porto.

Portugal Trip 2018 (2): São Bento Railway Station, Mercado do Bolhão, Jardim da Cordoaria and a big Liverpool win.

Portugal Trip 2018 (3): A rainy day's Port lodge crawl in Vila Nova de Gaia, and an inaugural Francesinha sandwich.

Portugal Trip 2018 (4): Madeira – island of eternal spring (and fortified wine, Coral beer and black scabbard fish).

Portugal Trip 2018 (5): FC Porto versus SC Lusitania in Portuguese professional basketball.

Portugal Trip 2018 (6): Sunday at the beach, then some fine eating (Taberna Stº. António) and a solid craft beer bar (As 7 Maravilhas).

Portugal Trip 2018 (7): An epic stroll along the Douro to lunch at São Pedro da Afurada.

Portugal Trip 2018 (8): Beach, park and cemetery, with a few Spanish beers and tapas.

Portugal Trip 2018 (9): History, sandwiches, sunsets and craft beer on the final day in Porto.

Three epilogues:

Public art: Is it Funchal (Madeira) or New Albany (Indiana)?

Thanks for asking, Delta Air Lines. I'm happy to tell you how likely I am to recommend you to others.

ON THE AVENUES: The books I've been reading during the winter months (including the two consumed while in Porto).

"Focus on Portugal," a series that I prepared in advance and published while we were away.

Focus on Portugal: A history lesson upon arrival for a second visit to the country.

Focus on Portugal: Vila Nova de Gaia, the Douro and other tasty aspects of Port wine.

Focus on Portugal: Porto's quintessential Francesinha sandwich.

Focus on Portugal: Madeira, both islands and wine.

Focus on Portugal: Learn about the music called Fado.

Focus on Portugal: Was António de Oliveira Salazar an autocrat or a dictator? Tyrant or protector? It's complicated.

Focus on Portugal: The Carnation Revolution in 1974, and Portugal in the current age.

Focus on Portugal, which remains a central player in the world's production of natural cork.

Focus on Portugal: The characterful and historic azulejo tiles of Portugal.

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