Saturday, May 19, 2018

"This girl’s idea was not hers anymore": Taco Walk's real founder explains how Develop New Albany stole her idea, as Jeff Gahan looked on, grinning.

Meet the pillars (2017).

Kelly's to be commended for channeling her anger into positive action. What happened to her last year makes me want to start tossing Molotov cocktails. Team Gahan's unaccountable cliquish minions keep empowering DNA's unaccountable bad behavior, which is embarrassing by junior high school standards, much less coming from an organization that purports to "lead."

Comments to city council: "Let’s talk about Develop New Albany’s second edition of the Taco Walk."

How do these people sleep at night?


Today is a difficult day for me. I still carry around a lot of hurt feelings from what happened to me last August. But I also carry around a lot of gratitude from what happened last August. I have debated on writing this because I preach almost daily about how my page is a positive page, but I have also been completely open and honest with everyone. So here we are...

If you don’t know the story ...

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