Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Peak Gahanism: $5 million for a single mile's road work, all the while pretending it will benefit pedestrians and bicyclists.

It's important to clearly understand after six-plus years that any infrastructure project touted by Team Gahan as miraculous and conducive for non-automotive road users will be such only by the barest of legalistic margins, if at all (see press release below).

As such, an extra traffic lane on Charlestown Road will contradict any pretend-improvements for non-automotive users, and on Main Street, there'll be bike lanes solely drawn inevitably as spacers, leading to and from nowhere, except deadly sharrow symbols painted in invisible ink on the roadway.

None of it did this guy any good. From last night:

On Spring Street today by Breakwater, a bicyclist riding in a bike lane was hit by a driver.

Meanwhile, the city's own memes are starting to bear an uncanny resemblance to our pieces of blog satire, and the content of press releases like this one is intended to dazzle the eye of readers like my councilman, who are captivated by a neat, clean and sanitary surface sheen, which removes the need to examine the details.

As he never bothered to trouble himself with two years ago.

Remembering Chloe Allen -- and the unfinished task of making streets safe for all users, not just drivers.

We are awash with money, evidently -- and as these projects progress, so will several of Jeff Gahan's more reliable campaign donors.

Summers announces plan to "Walk the Walk" by enhancing car-centrism via the Market Street medians. We advocate nuking them to outer space.

By the way, the lowest bid by a substantial margin for the Market Street median-fluffing -- so low, in fact, that it might impel cosmetic surgery for another whole block -- was submitted by Allterrain Paving, which makes frequent deposits to the advancement of Gahanism in our time.

Move along, folks; nothing to see here. A bid 30% lower than the next closest competitor?

As Dear Leader himself has said, "if shit happens, those checks still come through the US Mail."


$5 Million Worth of Infrastructure Projects Approved

Two major infrastructure investments were approved at this morning’s Board of Public Works and Safety meeting. The Board approved contracts for the Charlestown Road Infrastructure and Road Improvement Project along with approving contracts for the East Main Street Infrastructure and Road Improvement Project (from State Street to East 5th Street).

These two projects total nearly $5 million worth of infrastructure improvements in New Albany.

“These two road improvements projects add to the growing list of roadway, stormwater, sewer, and other infrastructure improvements currently ongoing or planned for the near future in New Albany,” stated Mayor Jeff Gahan.

The improvements along Charlestown Road will span from Hedden Court to Genung Drive. Planned improvements include the full construction of a curb, gutter, and 6-foot sidewalks on both sides of the road to help improve pedestrian safety throughout the corridor. A newly constructed storm water system will also be in place to assist in drainage. The road will also be milled, widened, and then repaved to 31 feet wide, allowing for a new lane of traffic. This new lane will allow for two-way left-turn lanes, improving the flow of traffic along Charlestown Road.

Infrastructure improvements along East Main Street will span from State Street to East 5th. Planned improvements include addition of on-street parking on both sides of the street throughout the project. Bump out features and bike lanes are planned to assist with bicycle-users and pedestrian safety. Sidewalks will also be updated with ADA compliant crosswalk ramps and new construction where needed. Lighting improvements are also part of the project, which will help improve pedestrian visibility and safety.

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