Thursday, March 30, 2017

The add-ons are coming: Duggins reveals the QRS purchase, yet another "cool as Sellersburg" civic expenditure.

The notion of displacing QRS in favor of flood plain restoration makes sense.

But ... just remember that yesterday's orgasmic somersaults over the foundation's $5 million gift came without details as to numerous other costs attached to the expenditures, whether land acquisition (in this instance) or post-luxury-installation maintenance costs.

City Hall describes the four major projects to be funded (in part?) through the Horseshoe Foundation's $5 million gift.

Cosmetic surgery: Horseshoe Foundation gives Jeff Gahan $5 million to spend on whatever he damn well pleases.

Now, can we do something about Tiger Trucking?

QRS Recycling in New Albany agrees to close next April for Greenway park, by Elizabeth Beilman (Hanson Does Utica)

Property owner looking for relocation site

NEW ALBANY — QRS Recycling will be closing its operations at West Floyd Street near the Ohio River next April.

The New Albany business agreed to turn over its 25-to-30-acre property to the city for a Ohio River Greenway park, announced Tuesday along with other city projects.

In return, the city will pay property owner Tim Jansen $2.5 million over 20 years with no interest, according to New Albany Redevelopment Director David Duggins.

"It's an extremely exciting opportunity to bring approximately 40 acres from really a blighted area on probably one of the most beautiful bends on the Ohio River back to something families, individuals and the entire city can enjoy in the next couple years," Duggins said.

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