Sunday, March 12, 2017

About my mother's condition.

The following was posted on Thursday evening at Facebook. I've struggled with issues of privacy versus my compulsion to disseminate news deemed to be important. In 2016, several of my mom's former teaching colleagues at Floyd Central High School died, among them Pat Conard, Joe Gilbert, Glenn Edwards, Bob Youngblood and Mick Neely. The latter two were tremendously influential in my life, and naturally my mom had students who might say this, too. In fact, many of them have, commenting on Facebook, and these testimonials have been immensely helpful to me as we await her letting go. As for now, she is resting with the minimum of medication, just what is necessary to ease discomfort. It is not likely that she'll regain consciousness. Thanks to everyone (several hundred at last count) who have read and commented at Fb. If you know mother and son at all, it will come as absolutely no surprise that she has been far more prepared for this than me.  

Whatever ability I have with words is failing me this evening, and so for once allow me to step away from the character I’ve chosen to inhabit and speak plainly.

For the past two months, Sue Baylor's health has been failing, and these almost certainly are her final days. I hope I’m wrong about this, but facts are facts. As ever the consummately organized ex-teacher, my mother always has made her end-of-life wishes perfectly clear, and I’ve done my best to honor them.

Hosparus (hospice) became involved about two weeks ago, and I’m grateful for the assistance. Nurse Debbie visits Mom at Silvercrest on the skilled nursing floor, and she’s crackerjack.

Mom has not been in any pain; at 84, her body’s just giving out, and at some point soon, she’ll decide to let go. She’s sleeping a lot, in and out of lucidity. For those wishing to say goodbye, I can’t recommend a visit, but I’m not prohibiting it, either. Neither mother nor son is religious, but in like fashion, I’m not about to dictate the form and content of your kind thoughts.

My mother has had a good life, and she taught hundreds of students (mostly girls, but a few guys, too – including me) how to cook. She never drank, but of course I picked up the slack in that department. I’ll let you and the world know what’s happening when there’s something to report. Thanks for reading, and please let others know if you think the notification is appropriate.


Bowmom said...

She was a wonderful teacher. I've always remembered her lessons. I carried that basic knowledge of cooking throughout my life. She taught me to love cooking since my own mother did not. I'm so sorry to hear of her passing.

The New Albanian said...

Thank you for this.