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Top posts at NA Confidential for 2015, Part Two: Top 30, July through December.

Our top post during the final six months of 2015? Scroll down.

NA Confidential's top posts for 2015 are divided into three lists: January through June, and July through December, to be followed by one final accounting of the Top Ten.

This is Part Two, Top 30, July through December.

Beginning with the fewest and ending with the most, these rankings are determined by numbers of unique hits, as reported by Blogger.

On January 1, NA Confidential begins its 13th year of comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comfortable. Thanks for reading.



306 10/15/2015

ON THE AVENUES: To the New Albanians, each and every one.

314 07/23/2015

ON THE AVENUES: A citizen's eloquent complaint about the parking debacle at River Run reminds us that planners and brooms go hand in hand.

323 12/01/2015

Limp Disney.

324 12/08/2015

Happy retirement, chef: Louis le Francais has left the building.

325 07/29/2015

12-foot high street spam? Not a problem, so piss off, spammer.

328 09/17/2015

ON THE AVENUES: Dear Neighbor: If you’re tired of the same old story, turn some pages.

330 08/10/2015

Fieldhaus, Brownie's "The Shed", Over the 9, Falls City, Old 502 and what they all mean.

333 08/06/2015

ON THE AVENUES: Money is the ultimate bully.

343 11/15/2015

David Thrasher's alley cats and blockheads.

348 10/01/2015

ON THE AVENUES: No more fear, Jeff.

364 11/24/2015

The Gospel Bird is coming, so let's remember what preceded it in the Bader Building and Parthenon.

370 08/04/2015

GAHANS STRIKE BACK: Street piano approved but the social media fur begins to fly.

378 07/19/2015

Ever the team player, Tiger Trucking beautifies the entrance to Loop Island Wetlands.

379 11/25/2015

BREAKING: New Albany’s Mayor Jeff Gahan announces refugee acceptance program, effective immediately.

383 08/14/2015

ON THE AVENUES: It’s time to purge two-party politics and tie the community together.

385 09/03/2015

ON THE AVENUES: When even Mitt Romney can run to the left of New Albany’s Democrats, it's a very big problem.

390 10/10/2015

Eminent domain? Is an Ohio River marina yet another Gahan expenditure on the down low?

393 08/25/2015

Crazed ragpicker poses as city employee, makes terroristic threats to laughing-out-loud store owner.

407 12/10/2015

As the Gospel Bird build-out nears completion, the restaurant now is a Morris solo gig with Ethan Ray as acting executive chef.

421 07/30/2015

Pavement penis drawings: Where public art, pothole repairs and bureaucrats meet.

463 08/02/2015

Mayor Gahan announces compromise street piano measure.

490 09/03/2015

In letter, Gahan confirms intent to snub Leadership Southern Indiana and bypass LSI's mayoral debate (includes my return letter).

579 08/23/2015

Let's go Krogering?: Does CM Blair's fixation with a boarded-up Hardee's have to do with gas pumps and corporate welfare?

583 08/19/2015

A future mayor? An ex-brewery owner? 30 years later, there's another fork in the road, and I'm pumped.

608 10/02/2015

Me? I just want to walk the parade route tomorrow.



614 08/08/2015

Stephen "Taco Steve" Powell, his taco cart, and downtown New Albany.

632 07/31/2015

ON THE AVENUES: Homegrown New Albany, but not in a good way.

711 11/23/2015

We welcome Staggers, Morris and the Gospel Bird with open arms and our senseless one-way streets.

769 12/13/2015

Taco Steve's storefront is coming.

1,669 12/15/2015

Jaws will drop: A walk-through at Brooklyn & the Butcher.

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