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Top posts at NA Confidential for 2015, Part One: Top 30, January through June.

Our top post during the first six months of 2015? Scroll down.

NA Confidential's top posts for 2015 are divided into three lists: January through June, and July through December, to be followed by one final accounting of the Top Ten.

This is Part One, Top 30, January through June.

Beginning with the fewest and ending with the most, these rankings are determined by numbers of unique hits, as reported by Blogger.

On January 1, NA Confidential begins its 13th year of comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comfortable. Thanks for reading.



305 04/27/2015

Keith Olbermann explains why you should boycott the NFL Draft and Mayweather-Pacquiao.

306 (tie) 04/14/2015

Break out the Bud Light, because the Sanctioned Monument to the Glorious Usual Heroes of the Bicentennial Park Cash Unlimited Uprising is scheduled for unveiling soon.

306 (tie) 06/02/2015

Longtime homophobe Coffey offers heartfelt prayer for his "lying piece of (expletive)" colleague.

309 (tie) 04/30/2015

Stella Artois still sucks, and it has nothing whatever to do with Kentucky Derby traditions.

309 (tie) 02/03/2015

Drinking Progressively returns this evening: 6:00 p.m. at Bank Street Brewhouse.

310 (tie) 03/09/2015

The art of redistributive campaign finance: 1st class passengers in the Gravy Train kick the juice right back to Jeff Gahan.

310 (tie) 06/11/2015

ON THE AVENUES: This is Dan Coffey, New Albany’s quintessential Democrat.

312 06/26/2015

This one's worth a good joyful, soulful cry.

313 04/25/2015

4 days later: CM Phipps, can you show us where Mayor Gahan said or wrote this for attribution?

328 04/19/2015

It's the hologram, Adam: Jeff Gahan's refusal to debate David White insults New Albany voters.

334 04/21/2015

David White wants all NA merchants assured of being harmed by Padgett's lawsuit to attend a David White party at Padgett.

346 03/24/2015

Colokial and Dress and Dwell both will get bigger.

354 01/31/2015

Mayoral candidacy announcements and scenic vistas.

355 04/25/2015

"I Dig the Hustings" by Jeff Gahan and the Deaf Aids. Phase one, in which Doris gets her boasts.

363 06/20/2015

Gone fishing.

377 06/27/2015

Dan Coffey's official statement on prayer, parks and water sports.

387 01/06/2015

Here is a link to the draft version of Jeff's Speck's Downtown Street Network Proposal for New Albany.

391 03/24/2015

What they're saying: Al Knable on possible wetlands expansion; also, Diane Benedetti and David White.

401 05/20/2015

PourGate 2013: It took two years, but this new law silences Dr. Tom Harris and the Floyd County Health Department.

411 05/27/2015

Who knew the Hooters in Clarksville is connected to New Albany sewers?

420 04/26/2015

There oughta be a law against yard signs this big.

439 05/25/2015

Memorial Day.

459 05/26/2015

Mayor Jeff Gahan Presents: "Those stupid neighborhood splash pads you keep bugging me about."

498 04/16/2015

BREAKING: Padgett, Tiger, EM Cummings Veneer, et al, are suing City Hall over the Main Street dishevelment project.

600 02/26/2015

Media notice: Roger A. Baylor will take a leave of absence from NABC to run for mayor of New Albany.



621 04/20/15

News release: "Greenville Concerned Citizens, Inc. (has) voted to oppose the upcoming $80 million school bond referendum."

688 06/02/2015

Dan Coffey's homophobic council tantrum: The Video.

708 03/10/2015

A bit more about ongoing changes at Bank Street Brewhouse.

729 01/10/2015

Pillsbury: Is General Mills being honest?

1,290 02/03/2015

Amanda Beam's column about human trafficking and the sex trade, and Kevin Zurschmiede's spa denial.

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