Thursday, December 10, 2015

As the Gospel Bird build-out nears completion, the restaurant now is a Morris solo gig with Ethan Ray as acting executive chef.

Today on my way to coffee, I happened upon Steve Resch, and eventually wandered over to 207 - 209 Main Street to check on his build-out of the forthcoming Gospel Bird restaurant.

We welcome Staggers, Morris and the Gospel Bird with open arms and our senseless one-way streets.

Liftoff is scheduled for mid-January, with the rear outdoor patio to follow at some point before Derby. Later in the day, Eric Morris adjusted the restaurant's operational narrative, saying he wanted "New Albany to know first."

I just wanted to let you know that Dustin Staggers is no longer a part of this project and that I will be doing this on my own. Ethan Ray will be the acting executive chef. 

Thanks, Eric. New Albany is appreciative. As Kevin Gibson recently noted, Ethan Ray is a Louisville culinary legend, so I'm thinking the kitchen's in great hands. Noting that the former Parthenon next door is not slated to be connected to the Gospel Bird, here are two photos of work in progress. The west side will be the dining room ...

 ... and the east side the kitchen and bar.

Steve observed that they're at the stage of construction when things begin happening quickly, so stay tuned.

Parting glass: We recently took a look at previous occupants of the Bader Building's commercial space.

The Gospel Bird is coming, so let's remember what preceded it in the Bader Building and Parthenon.

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