Sunday, December 20, 2015

Top posts at NA Confidential for 2015, Part Three: Top 10 for 2015.

With two posts in the year's Top 10, we honor Stephen Powell, aka Taco Steve.

NA Confidential's top posts for 2015 are divided into three lists: January through June, and July through December, to be followed by one final accounting of the Top Ten.

This is Part Three, and the Top 10 for the year. Beginning with the fewest and ending with the most, these rankings are determined by numbers of unique hits, as reported by Blogger.

Half of them pertain to food and dining in New Albany. None directly address the municipal election. Perhaps these observations are intended to tell us something.

On January 1, NA Confidential begins its 13th year of comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comfortable. Thanks for reading.



614 08/08/2015

Stephen "Taco Steve" Powell, his taco cart, and downtown New Albany.

621 04/20/15

News release: "Greenville Concerned Citizens, Inc. (has) voted to oppose the upcoming $80 million school bond referendum."

632 07/31/2015

ON THE AVENUES: Homegrown New Albany, but not in a good way.

688 06/02/2015

Dan Coffey's homophobic council tantrum: The Video.

708 03/10/2015

A bit more about ongoing changes at Bank Street Brewhouse.

711 11/23/2015

We welcome Staggers, Morris and the Gospel Bird with open arms and our senseless one-way streets.

729 01/10/2015

Pillsbury: Is General Mills being honest?

769 12/13/2015

Taco Steve's storefront is coming.

1,290 02/03/2015

Amanda Beam's column about human trafficking and the sex trade, and Kevin Zurschmiede's spa denial.

1,669 12/15/2015

Jaws will drop: A walk-through at Brooklyn & the Butcher.

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