Saturday, October 10, 2015

Eminent domain? Is an Ohio River marina yet another Gahan expenditure on the down low?

The Green Mouse has received this note via the rumorama.

What's with this guy and water? Is it Freudian? First a bricks and mortar water park, then unaddressed storm water flooding taking the place of neighborhood splash pads, and now a marina.

The city has filed an eminent domain lawsuit against the owner of riverfront property near the 10th Street terminus. The city wants the riverfront property on the water side of the flood wall for the new "city marina."

What new city marina?

John Rosenbarger and David Duggins told him they'd already filed 25 such suits, and won them all. "We're very good at this," they threatened.

Bragging about stealing 25 properties from citizens? And what about crippling future property taxes through all the TIF bonds?

Is there a council person reading who'd like to do his or her job and verify these eminent domain lawsuits, as well as plans for a marina?

Because we KNOW you're reading.

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Curtis Morrison said...

At the August 20 Ohio River Greenway Development Commission meeting, Chris Gardner reported that the city has begun right of way and land acquisition from 8th to 18th under an INDOT Project? Per him,"Letting is now set for the first of 2016."

Surely the city's not planning on using INDOT funds meant for the greenway to fund imminent domain for a likely private/commercial marina? Because illegal.