Sunday, March 05, 2017

Seize the gesture and read the city council's non-binding "Resolution Condemning the Promotion of Intolerance."

That's funny. He didn't even catch the misspelling of his name.

Without further adieu, Councilman Greg Phipps offers a non-binding resolution condemning Councilman Coffey's account at Facebook.

Bizarrely, the forever conniving Coffey only recently garnered the full support of Phipps, Mayor Jeff Gahan, his Boy Adam Wonder and other paragons of Democratic Party hypocrisy in deposing city council attorney Matt Lorch, this being the price Coffey demanded to support the last Democrats left cowering.

Will the serial bigot Coffey support a resolution in support of human rights? Contractually, he'll have to vote yes if Gahan demands it. But does the mayor even care? Will Scott Blair abstain, citing his oft-stated principle of eschewing non-binding resolutions?

The resolution suits me, and my guess is it will pass; like most other examples of Phipps' council specialty (gesture politics), the result will be a big, fat, empty zero.

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