Monday, February 20, 2017

In a disgusting sign of the times, white supremacists have landed in New Albany.

No, it isn't the American Vanguard Corporation.

Rather, it's a group briefly referenced in this Southern Poverty Law Center post. Our friend Brandon Smith saw the sheet today on Spring between 3rd and 4th and photographed it. The image appears here with his permission.

On Saturday morning, I saw one of these sheets stuck to David Thrasher's alley art between Spring and Market. Briefly contemplating my traditional free speecherism, I removed it and deposited in the nearest dumpster. Even if racists and white supremacists weren't repulsive, it remains that illegal signs are tantamount to garbage, so by definition, these sheets are garbage.

American Vanguard has a website, but I won't link to it here.


Steven Prince said...

We need to fight this kind of bigotry with every fiber of our being. The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing. Do something.

Randy Smith said...

You say landed as if it were impossible to believe that they were already here.

DonE said...

Shocked, Shocked, that "white supremacists have landed in New Albany" their presence is and has been a constant; it's a component of N'awbany's Mothers Milk. Now every one go and collect your winnings. As mutual disgust permeates all things, we find that "do something" is as effective as a fart in a wind storm.

The New Albanian said...

Juat because they've always been hereabouts doesn't mean it isn't newsworthy, in addition to fitting my ongoing "signage as litter" campaign.

AJ said...

There are posts on Facebook that there are razor blades taped to the back of these now. Don't know if it's true but somebody in power might want to check out this claim for public safety reasons.