Sunday, February 21, 2016

We come not to praise Jeb Bush (!) but to bury him, and as quickly as possible.

My choice for funniest line of the week, courtesy of the inimitable Charlie Pierce at Esquire:

Now, though, Jeb (!) is merely the symbol of a political party and a nominating process gone truly rogue, burning and consuming itself, using itself as its own fuel like some great breeder reactor of rage and fear. Bush, like all the members of the now vestigial Republican "establishment," who spent 30 years developing the perfect context for something like the Trump campaign to occur, was stunned into incoherence when it actually happened. Watching him in his farewell on Saturday night was to recall what Abraham Lincoln said about General William Rosecrans after the Union's defeat at Chickamauga; Rosecrans, Lincoln mused, was "confused and stunned, like a duck hit on the head."

"Like a duck hit on the head."

Ouch, though we need a third Bush about as much as a second Clinton.

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