Wednesday, February 17, 2016

There's nothing on the city council's Thursday agenda. Imagine if they were talking about fiber optic, since City Hall won't.

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And no, not just at an upscale apartment complex, but in the sense of infrastructure.

You know ... economic development.

Louisville has an innovation chief. Jeff Gahan has a media company. Can someone let him know that those propaganda videos travel faster by fiber optic?

‘New Currency’: Louisville Innovation Chief On Why Fiber Internet Matters, by Jacob Ryan (WFPL)

What type of economic development could this spark?

Ted Smith: Increasingly, when companies are looking at locating here, they are asking “well, tell me about your city and do you have the stuff I’m looking for.” The good news about Louisville is we’ve always been able to answer the question about cultural amenities, a great public media station, all these kinds of things. But new to the list is “tell me about your Internet pricing, are you a fiber city.” That’s new, it’s new currency. Nobody should underestimate the importance of all the items on the list, and there are usually a lot of items on the list. When people talk about infrastructure and how infrastructure drives economies, this is a type of infrastructure.


TSOLfan said...

I moved all of my servers to Crown Point in 2012 because of fiber.

With fibers availability there, a family member was able to build out the data center I needed that simply wasn't possible here.

Iamhoosier said...

Wasn't there a member of the administration, at the last meeting, complaining there wasn't enough time to keep the council informed on everything? Now, nothing on the agenda for this meeting? I bet that is at least 8 meetings in the past year or so that there has been nothing or next to nothing on the agenda. How about a "work session" where the Mayor and his squad talk about their plans the next 4 years?

The New Albanian said...

The mayor?

At a council meeting?

But someone might ask a question.

Iamhoosier said...

Hope springs eternal.

Silly me.

SBAvanti63 said...

Maybe if they start serving Bud Light ... ?