Sunday, February 28, 2016

Rental property ordinance: "Very Important City Council Meeting (March 7th)."

Paging leading citizen Bill Allen.

My position in favor of rental registration and inspection is well documented. I needn't make the case all over again. Concurrently, transparency in local governance is very important, too, along with what might be referred to as precision: exactly what is being said, and who is saying it?

The pursuit of transparency and precision involves learning the answers to questions. For instance, during the last council meeting of 2015, when a lengthy rental property ordinance appeared out of nowhere, I asked:

  • Why now, when a reformatted council was about to be seated?
  • From whom: City Hall or the ordinance's council sponsor, Greg Phipps?
  • Was it a trial balloon? If so, for what purpose?

The room was filed with rental property owners, and the look of fear on the faces of council members was palpable. The ordinance was sent to committee, and Phipps publicly washed his hands of it, vowing to be finished with the idea.

At the following meeting, Phipps announced that he was delighted to guide the rental property ordinance through committee and bring it back to council for consideration at a later date.

  • What happened to change his mind?
  • From whom: Phipps or City Hall?
  • If Phipps, who are his council allies?
  • If City Hall, why not step forward and take possession of the issue?

Yesterday the following e-mail arrived from Greg Roberts, who is the East Spring Street Neighborhood Association. However, the e-mail does not mention the ESNA.

  • Is the note written on behalf of the ESNA?
  • What exactly is expected of those rallying in favor of the ordinance?
  • Is it about slumlords, tenants or both?

A little more information, please. Can Roberts (or Phipps) answer any of the above questions?

As for the likelihood that Pat Harrison will begin shrieking about the Gestapo, leave that one for me. I'll sign up last on the speaker's sheet, and shred her.

Very Important City Council Meeting (Rental Inspection Program)

This one of the most important issues facing our neighborhood!

I need to have everyone show up at this meeting!

March 7th @ 7:00 pm (3rd floor of the City County Building)

The slumlords/landlords will be there in force to speak against this program. so we need to be there in force as home owners to be speak for this program and to protect our investments!




w&la said...

There's a reason those six new houses they built in Councilman Phipps' district haven't sold...

The New Albanian said...

Word. We just walked past there. I think three remain.

w&la said...

It's been hard to tell - I've seen multiple real estate agents listed over the months.

I did see a city police officer leaving one on Friday afternoon and it looked empty inside as he shut the door. I feel the run down rental properties three and four doors away in all directions have been a real impediment to the sale of those houses.

The New Albanian said...

I agree. It's a Potemkin Village.