Tuesday, November 22, 2005

New Albany's POTTY POLICE take the LOW road, but only because that's the one leading DOWN to the sewer.

They’re men and women with badges, but they’re not chasing ordinary criminals.

They’re New Albany’s self-appointed POTTY POLICE.

Sure, they have a GAS allowance just like the regular cops, but they get to SIT DOWN on the job, because when the POLITICAL CHIP on your shoulder is the size of a friggin' MANHOLE COVER and you’re DANCIN' around that RING OF FIRE every day ... well, you’re going to need a nice, soft SEAT in front of the computer and a TAKE-HOME POTTY CAR.


Coming soon to a mayoral campaign near you.


Tim Deatrick said...

gee wonder who their police chief is? That source of irrefutable and reliable information Yvonne, the self-appointed sewer expert because she reads the consent decree and attends sewer board meetings.

I would volunteer since i spent 9 years dancing with those manholes but I am that evil gougher of home owners who helped the mayor get that exhorbitant $3.00 a month stormwater fee through, i am not qualified for this special patrol because i am not part of the Garner witchhunt I actually want to see the city succeed in compliance with the clean water act instead of seeing the city in trouble and fined

Tim Deatrick said...

correction I mean the watered down $2.00 a month fee