Saturday, November 12, 2005

Overheard at the Luddite Bar & Grill during Morose Hour.

Larry: Reckon I just don’t get it. Our Troglodyte Shaman, who we love dearly with all our hearts, says those people in the mansion row are doing some great things for all of us with one of them small area planners, but if they’re all living in mansions, they sure as heck aren’t little people like us, are they?

Curly: No, s’pose not. They must be the “haves,” ‘cuz you couldn’t live in one of those places unless yer an elite with an agenda. We'll take care of 'em. That's politics 101.

Moe: Shut up, will youse guys, ‘for I box yer ears. I’ll explain it one more time. We’re s’posed to hate the haves when they’re for the mayor, but if they’re not for the mayor, we’re s’posed to 'pprove of their vessed interests and let ‘em use us to inherit the earth … or Butler Street, can’t remember which.

Larry: Okay, I get it, so those snobby haves who’re agin us, they’re the Garnerites and Baylorites and liberals and progresses, an’ the nice ones who’re with us are … are … well, who’re they?

Curly: Reckon they’re those ‘nymous people we read on Trog Sham’s blog, dummy, since they’re hatin’ the same people we do, right Moe?

Moe: Yeah, an’ the great thing is that they’re all out in the open an’ we know where they live, but ‘cuz we’re little people. And play. By the rules. We can attack ‘em by their names.

Larry: But Lau … I mean, Trog Sham, well she said that ‘ttackin’s bad, didn’t she?

Curly: No, ‘ttackin’s good, long as it’s us doin’ it and not them. See, it’s okay for us to hate, remember?

Moe: Right -- look, here comes Guido … anyone seen my brick?

Disclaimer: The preceding is satirical. The painting is by Bosch. Any resemblance to hypocrites living or dead is purely intentional.

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Highwayman said...

Careful now. Your are going to confuse the confused!