Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Speaking of storm water, is that a real umbrella, or is that a Wal-Mart umbrella?

Well, I reckon 'ol EastdistEnded is right 'bout that there 'spensive unbreller for Knobbany -- ah mean, sheeet, whassthat EPPA up there in Wasshuntun know 'bout our storm water here 'n Tuckiana, that this here cheap paper umbrellie can't handle?

Thirdysix dollars a hole YEAR! Hellazpoppin, my elderlee friend 'ol mizzus Smith, well, she could buy 3, or 7, maybe 37 ... sheeet, she can get a whole buncha Big Bufords for all that! But donchaknow, thassjus my 'Pinion ...


Tim Deatrick said...

great satire,maybe ole miss smith could buy a whole lot of miller lite at flew birds cafe, HQ for the republic of little peoples offsers club, at $36 a year

Iamhoosier said...

Am I not correct that many of the same citizens protesting this $3 fee are also saying that we should pay $5+ to salvage the sanitation dept. and the union jobs.

Not commenting on the right or wrong of either proposal, just the rationalization of $3 is too much for people on fixed incomes but $5 is OK.

Before I am called anti-union let me state that nothing could be more incorrect. I just don't believe that it is the city's purpose to provide civic jobs. It is to provide services in the most effecient way possible. If that means private--OK. If civic jobs--OK.

The New Albanian said...

You are correct. In fact, the general theme has been to spend whatever it takes to rescue the sanitation department as currently operated, through the higher user fees you mention, and by emasculating economic development, without which the status quo is maintained (but they're against the status quo for people and things they don't like, while remaiing for it for those that they do).


Tim Deatrick said...

yes they will spend whatever it takes to save sanitation but claim they cant afford a $3.00 per month fee to be in compliance with the EPA, fact the median income for New Albany per individual is $34k and per household $44k.

I think ole miss smith and her people drink too much miller lite, clouds their math skills, thats what you call "Fuzzy Math"

The New Albanian said...

Not to mention "Fuzzy" Zoeller, also a Miller Lite drinker.

But I digress.

Anonymous said...

I think this is a perfect example of a job that legislators are elected to perform. The decisions are tough but ones that have to be made in a fiscally responsible manner.

I am an advocate of paying legislators more for their service and then limiting terms so we do not have decisions made out of favoritism to get re-elected.

If they only had one lengthier term and no chance to be re-elected, I think they might "do what is right" more often.

Tim Deatrick said...

Gooooooooooood morning New Albany! This is your roving reporter Ima Nonymous reporting from "Little People City" capital of the regressive state and misinformation.

In a major announcement today, general Loony stated that the President of the Progressive state, James Granite is going to push through "his version of the stormwater mandate" When contacted at their office in Wasshuntun the Eppa said the last time they checked this was their intiative but were glad to hear that New Albany is getting the message.

In an effort to confuse the villagers, general loony compared the stormwater battle to a previous skirmish Scribner place.

Commander vally and wanna be general Mercy were unavailable for comment and reportedly have been sent for futher training under the mastermind of propaganda and guerrila warfare guru, General Karlos Rover due to their recent bungling of the storm water battle.

In closing General Loony said they have the goal of uniting New Albany but has no plans to offer