Thursday, November 03, 2005

Random Quotes from the Chairwoman's Little Pink Book.

Chapter 8: Revolutionary Decorum.

Please try to refrain from using profanity in our discussions. We are all adults, and have a larger vocabulary available to us. We don't need to use foul language. Thank you for your cooperation.
Laura Oates, 10:54 PM, September 01, 2005

We couldn't make this shit up if we tried.
Laura Oates, 8:36 PM, October 13, 2005


The New Albanian said...

Here's one for Chapter 12: Paranoia, Big Destroia

East Ender said...

Tell you what... Roger, Randy, Tim
Remove the derogatory, ugly comments about me, the false links to this blog, the insults against the intelligence of others who speak here, the copying of material from this site used to slander, and the use of the "trog" word on the other blogs and I might consider your offer of decent dialogue as somewhat sincere.
Until then, your words are worthless, your actions deplorable. They serve no purpose.
Now, we are getting back to business here.

8:42 PM, November 03, 2005

Like they always say, the "business" of America is ... uh, anonymous vandalism?

ceece said...

how about baylorite?

throwing stones...