Friday, March 10, 2017

Public housing demolition men: "Hi, I'm Mayor Jeff Gahan and this is David Duggins, and we're here to help."

Can someone loan us a vaudeville hook?

As you're reading Elizabeth Beilman's excellent follow-up piece, keep this quote from economic dishevelment director David Duggins in mind.

As local pretend-Democrats whistle Dixie(crat), Gahan prepares to launch the public housing pogrom.

“I think we’re happy that (public housing residents) would go and find any place — if it’s in the city, great, if it’s outside the city that makes them happy and gives them a quality of life that they’re looking for, I think that’s the whole concern.”


If you self-identity as a local Democrat, then consider this: You're demanding that Trump appointees resign for statements like this, but you're tolerating it from Gahan appointees.

Hypocrite much?

Is there a spine among you?

New Albany Housing Authority fields concerned calls about demolition plans, by Elizabeth Beilman (News and Tribune)

Letters sent to tenants advising no action on demolition yet

NEW ALBANY — New Albany Housing Authority’s executive director distributed letters to all public housing tenants, following the release of a board’s proposed plan to demolish more than 600 units over the next 10 years.

Its message — nothing will be decided overnight.

“It’s just informing people factual things and not causing them to be unduly scared of the situation,” Executive Director Bob Lane told the News and Tribune ...

... The Housing Authority has fielded calls from residents, as well as community members, concerned about the authority’s future plans, he said.

“If you’re going to lose your housing, and that’s one of the basic human needs, you have concerns for that sort of thing,” Lane said.

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Debra White said...

I'm one of those tenants with a Section 8 voucher. I've been trying to find a new place to live for over a year. Pickins are slim and coming up with the deposit on a limited income is nearly impossible. Now I'm afraid to let go of what I have, however unsuitable it is for my needs. Fortunately, I only have to be concerned about me. I don't have kids to bring into the mix. I can't imagine how much that situation would make you worry. You are very correct about low income folks being insecure about their housing, just as they are insecure about having enough food. I am a registered democrat and I do not support this administration and their agenda. This town smells fishy to me. From Breakwater to Housing Authority demolition and a few things in between. Maybe it's the river, maybe not...