Wednesday, March 22, 2017

"Planned Parenthood Videos Explain Abortion Process."

1. Because the opening paragraph is expository writing at its finest.

2. Because the Confidentials as a family support Planned Parenthood, which is of far more importance as a whole than any separate part.

3. Because it's fine by me if Teen Vogue becomes the voice of the Resistance even as Democrats can't seem to locate a guiding principle.

Planned Parenthood Videos Explain Abortion Process, by Brittney McNamara (Teen Vogue)

Planned Parenthood explains in two videos.

With more and more restrictions on legal abortion being made law, it's important that we know all the facts. That way, instead of talking about abortion in hypotheticals or scenarios, we can talk factually, about what's really going on. To do that, we not only have to know what you can and can't do regarding abortion, we also have to know what actually happens when you get an abortion. Abortion is a safe, common and legal medical procedure. Planned Parenthood made it even easier to get educated on what abortion actually is with two recent videos, outlining the two different kinds of abortions you can get.

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