Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Matt Nash to purchase Karem's Meats, which will relocate to Plaza Drive (off Grant Line Road) on or about May 1.

The Green Mouse has learned that 5th district councilman Matt Nash will join the ranks of independent local business owners.

Nash has reached a deal to purchase the iconic Karem's Meats, New Albany's oldest meat market and deli.

Karem's will continue to operate at its current location off State Street until on or around May 1, when Nash will assume ownership, and the business will move to new digs at 3306 Plaza Drive, a space many readers will recall as the former home of NA Exchange (and before that, MyBar and Main Menu). It's a stone's throw from New Albanian Brewing Company, of Grant Line Road.

Once again, the target date for the move and ownership change is May 1. You can follow the art of this particular deal on social media:

Instagram: karemsmeats
Twitter: Karem's Meats
Facebook: Karem's Meats (the new page)

Karem's in the News and Tribune on the occasion of the shop's 50th anniversary in 2015.


Randy Smith said...

Congratulations to Matt. I think the new location should bring new customers, too.

Dustin Nance said...

I have to say I hate to hear they are relocating after all these years. As stated above this could potentially bring new customers but they will also loose several based on location change. I know myself personally will not likely go to the new location just because it's out of the way from my commute home from work. I typically stop in there 3 to 4 times a week on my way home and now Ill just make a once a week stop if even that.

Matt Nash said...

Thank you Randy, that is what we are hoping.

Dustin, I want you to know and I hope everyone understands moving out of that neighborhood is not a decision that we have taken lightly. We have agonized over it for months. Personally I grew up and went to school just a few blocks away. The streets that I delivered papers to when I was growing up can be seen from Karem's front window. Many of those people are still customers today. Ultimately it wasn't our decision to leave that building, the owners of the property have sold it to developers that can make more money building a doctors office than they could ever get from a 52 year old meat market. I do not blame them for that. We have looked diligently for months for suitable property but could find nothing to fit our needs at a price we could afford in that part of town. The commercial boom in that area and with Kroger and Baptist Health Floyd, it was impossible for us to find a place nearby. We were left with two choices, find a place in another part of town or close down Karem's Meats. We appreciate every customer that has made Karem's a part of New Albany for over half a century, we do not take them for granted. We hope they will be able to visit us at our new location but understand that for some, that might not be practical.

Kate Caufield said...

Thank you so much for taking the time to share, Matt. The new location is closer to us, so, selfishly I'm more excited. Congratulations!