Monday, February 01, 2016

Will New Albany's downtown street grid be Specked, or Gahaned?

We can only pray it isn't Warrened.

RQAW's letter to property owners: The "street improvements" project that dare not speak its name.

There's a city council meeting tonight (7:00 p.m.), and a Bored of Works meeting tomorrow (10:00 a.m.) Come and ask your elected officials for the details.

Meanwhile, a friend is skeptical.

A Green Mouse prediction!

Team Gahan implements a small reconfiguration of Spring Street that is so thoroughly confusing it causes the local population to complain loudly to "put 'er back the way it was Mr. Jeff"; Team Gahan throws up their collective City Hall hands, and says "that Jeff Speck proposal doesn't work - we told you it wouldn't"…

Oh, wait - the Green Mouse forgot the part where the out-of-town consultants slide the federal dollars back around to "friends" in town, didn't it?

That's the way Hillary would do it. Do we really think Adam has created corporate Democratic Party enrichment out of whole cloth?

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