Tuesday, February 02, 2016

View the new Special Event Permit Application for Bicentennial Park, City Square and the Riverfront Amphitheater.

The permit presumably is in draft form and will be rubber-stamped at this morning's Bored of Works meeting. It includes the new city seal that isn't, and contains this interesting paragraph.

While there is no fee for the use of our public parks, donations are accepted for the use of the City of New Albany Bicentennial Park and Riverfront Amphitheater. Contributions support a broad array of recreational activities for residents and visitor as well as helping to maintain our ever evolving park system. Donations made to New Albany parks and Recreation Department are tax deductible.

Why two of the three park units, and not City Square? The document's title includes all three, and the rules are directed at all three.

As this document seems to suggest that the parks department now operates Bicentennial Park and the Riverfront Amphitheater, City Square's omission is a head-scratcher, unless placing it under parks supervision would conflict with Develop New Albany's traditional "tail wags dog" hegemony over the farmers market.

Only the shadowy operatives in the back corridors of New Gahania know for sure.

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