Monday, February 22, 2016

Night Thoughts, by Suede: "The band’s seventh studio effort cares little for ’90s nostalgia."

Suede's last album, Bloodsports, was #3 on my 2013 album countdown. I'm not sure what you have on tap tonight, but I'm taking an hour to watch (again) Suede's set from Glastonbury, 2015. It's how you forget about New Albany -- well, that and lots of beer.

Review: Suede’s Grandiose and Chilling ‘Night Thoughts’ Keep Them Awake, by Rachel Brodsky (Spin)

 ... New-ish father Anderson has said that Night Thoughts is about being a parent and revisiting your own childhood, and sings of the stuff that literally keeps a fortysomething up at night: facing your inadequacy and losing people you love — or, more specifically, losing your children.

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