Thursday, December 03, 2015

Bill Allen's shit hole properties on Main Street are decades-long festering eyesores.

Remember back in 2012, when the city "got real tough" with Denny Andres and his State Street dump truck depot ... before hastily sounding the bugle for a retreat that has lasted for three years?

Just have one question: How is Bill Allen's building on Main Street any different?

Ah, yes; the sheer grandeur of sidewalk furniture when the Google street view cameraman comes rolling past.

These enduring symbols of New Albany's futility belong to a cadaverous 115-year-old lawyer who hasn't given a shit for longer than most of us have been alive, although back in 2012, he bought a few gallons of paint and declared victory.

In fact, we were so enamored of Allen's 2012 paint job that the blog selected him Person of the Year for 2012.

I can hear City Hall now: "But Main Street Improvement Project."

Let's put it this way: Bill Allen isn't laughing WITH us.

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