Monday, July 31, 2017

Grid Control, Vol. 17: Judging by the misdirection of this "CROSS TRAFFIC DOES NOT STOP" sign, we now reside in the British Empire.

As we await word of HWC Engineering's cross hatch direction snafu repair project ...

Grid Control, Vol. 16: What about HWC's cross hatching correction? Will this be finished before or after Team Gahan declares victory?

 ... and, in fact, as we await the resumption of "grid modernization" work of any sort, with little occurring since early July and during the usual public communications blackout imposed by Warren at Works, let's consider another angle, as hinted by this actual New Albany street sign, as contributed by regular blog reader A.

Of course, none of these "future" directional signs are supposed to be visible until the changeover begins, and as for when this might be, recently each Tuesday meeting of the Bored has featured dire apostles of officialdom explaining that this will come "next week," and so we can't really explain when this will be, seeing as the calendar has become tantamount to a Dali painting melted atop Duggins' former desk.

Look at the arrows in the New Albany "Cross Traffic Does Not Stop" sign, above.

Now, look at the arrows in these two variations, as cribbed from Google images.

As our alert contributing reader (and driver) notes, "The signs posted for when Spring Street starts being two way have the arrows going the wrong way. Didn't know if you saw that but wanted to share with you. I personally need signs to give correct info and not lead me into oncoming traffic."

That's because strictly speaking, New Albany's brand new "cross traffic" signs are appropriate for Great Britain, Ireland or Australia, where traffic proceeds on the left, not the right as is the case here in America.

Meanwhile, if you search images for "Cross Traffic Does Not Stop," this is by far the most commonly returned result, which is succinct and non-ambiguous.

It leaves a final question, surely destined to be ignored when Gatekeeper Nash convenes BoW on Tuesday morning: Which one of Jeff Gahan's corporate-campaign-donating consultants, engineers, pavers, vendors or all-purpose fluffers got this one wrong? 



Grid Control, Vol. 16: What about HWC's cross hatching correction? Will this be finished before or after Team Gahan declares victory?

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Iamhoosier said...

As our(unfortunately)President would Tweet, "Sad"

Stephen Scott said...

They did it for Diana.