Thursday, June 29, 2017

Grid Control, Vol. 9: "This was supposed to be discussed with us," but Dear Leader doesn't ever discuss, does he?

Last week we briefly surveyed the half-block-long yellow curbs.

Grid Control, Vol. 3: TARC's taking your curbside church parking, says City Hall.

 ... (Reporter Chris Morris said City Engineer Larry) Summers said that area is now for TARC buses to pull over and pick up passengers instead of blocking traffic to do so since Spring will just be one lane in each direction. He said he would look into it, but did not make any promises that changes would be made ...

I saw John Manzo's post at Fb just minutes after listening to the testimony of an attendee at last evening's Floyd County Democratic Men's Club quarterly meeting, where Mayor Jeff Gahan rose to announce that his many expenditures accomplishments these past 100 six years are testament to the power of unity and all stakeholders working together.

Delusional or disingenuous? Pick one answer -- and you can't be wrong, either way. As a case in point, just this one little bit from the pastor's post:

"This was supposed to be discussed with us before all of these things happened."


Discuss things?

It's highly unlikely.

If the pastor insists on doubting Dear Leader, Gahan may become disappointed in such a lack of faith devotion. Shining Star of Our Civic Future may be compelled to pack the St, Marks board with sycophantic bobbleheads for hire, annex the church, then quick-claim-deed the property so that requisite luxury apartments can be constructed.

Because: The solemnity of unity, and all the stakeholders obeying together. Here are John's words in cut 'n' paste format.

I would like to thank TARC and the City of New Albany. After (we made) the front of our building completely accessible to our church members and to the many people who utilize our church for all sorts of community services, the city and TARC have made the front of our building a no-parking zone and a bus stop.

This, of course, cannot be changed now because they already milled the road and it would be an additional cost and inconvenience. This was supposed to be discussed with us before all of these things happened, but the engineering firm seems to have approached its job like Ding and Bat.

This, of course, is in addition to the too many times that access to downtown churches has become difficult because of Sunday morning downtown events that regularly block roads.

I have no idea why churches choose to fled the downtown (when) the city cherishes our presence so much.

Maybe, just maybe St. Marks can coax a statement of bureaucratese from HWC Engineering, as NAC has managed to do with regard to botched cross hatching on the north side of Spring Street.

But an admission of error on the part of City Hall?

Ain't happening. Gahan's toxic combination of agoraphobia and narcissism seldom produce repentance.


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Grid Control, Vol. 3: TARC's taking your curbside church parking, says City Hall.

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