Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Grid Control, Vol. 3: TARC's taking your curbside church parking, says City Hall.

The question: "Why are the curbs in front of the churches painted yellow?"

This answer: Blame it on the buses, not the denomination.

At yesterday's BOW meeting, Ms. Watson missed the opportunity to ask exactly what City Hall would be doing to ensure the safety of parishioners who'll be crossing Spring Street from parking at the funeral home lot.

But we mustn't be churlish.

At least the newspaper finally is taking an interest.

Road work in New Albany taking shape, by Chris Morris (Hansonizing the News)

Spring Street conversion delayed

NEW ALBANY — There was hope that New Albany city engineer Larry Summers would reveal the date for Spring Street to be switched from one-way traffic to two-way at Tuesday's Board of Public Works & Safety meeting.

However, Summers said he is not ready to make that announcement just yet.

While the road has been paved, and permanent markings painted on the road, a delay in receiving a part has delayed the conversion date. While some had hope it may be converted before the end of the month, early July may be more realistic.

"There is a back order on parts to make the conversion. We have to get that issue taken care of first," Summers told the board Tuesday.

Striping on the south side of Spring is currently underway and traffic signals are being replaced or reworked for two-way traffic. Bases for new signs are also being installed.

"It will be important to inform the public as quickly as possible," Board President Warren Nash told Summers when a date is picked for the switch over. "It might be worth putting it on the website that a change over is coming."

Summers said the public would get plenty of notice. Spring will be the first street converted to two-way and will be followed by Elm and Market streets. Bank and Pearl streets will follow.

Market Street paving should be completed today. Milling and paving Vincennes Street, from Main to Charlestown Road, is currently underway. The goal is to have that stretched finished before July 14.

There seems to be one issue with Spring Street's new striping. Ruth Watson said parking in the front of St. Mary's Catholic Church, at Eighth and Spring streets, has been taken away by the conversion. She said with four masses on the weekend, and weddings, church goers are always parking in front of the church.

Summers said that area is now for TARC buses to pull over and pick up passengers instead of blocking traffic to do so since Spring will just be one lane in each direction. He said he would look into it, but did not make any promises that changes would be made ...


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