Thursday, February 04, 2016

Democrats announce next teacher/sacrificial lamb in District 72.

It's ironic to the point of absurd that one must be a school teacher in order to qualify for the ballot and be schooled by Ed Clere. Disney devotees aren't very creative, are they?

Bonifer is as representative as any, although he's an integral component of Team Gahan, and as such, it's easy to imagine him saying, doing and being nothing save for aquatic recreation, which prompts what I believe is a valid point.

Those left-leaning local Democrats who seem motivated primarily by (shall we refer to them as) human rights issues ... they should be voting as a bloc to retain Clere, shouldn't they?

Because, apart from this, when has a local Democrat ever articulated doctrine inseparable from Mitt Romney -- or Hillary Clinton?

Clere has leaned left more often than Gahan.

I'm sorry -- am I confusing you, Adam?

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