Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Dec. 12 C-J event about "big pictures" and deeper meanings of life in Southern Indiana.

I wish them luck. NA Confidential has been trying to answer these questions since 2004, and we haven't even gotten a lousy t-shirt.

Topics we won't be seeing include "Origins of the Dissident Movement in New Gahania," and "Are They Apparatchiks or Are They Nomenklatura?"

Wait: When's the News and Tribune forum?

CJ event to look at past, present, future in S. Ind., by Lexy Gross (C-J)

Southern Indiana is known for its sense of community.

The Courier-Journal wants to help the region share ideas about how to improve the lives of residents and continue the missions of many local leaders. On Dec. 12 from 2-3:30 p.m., Hoosiers will have a chance to meet some of those leaders and hear about the changes happening in their own backyard.

With the theme, "A new year: Southern Indiana's past, present and future" we will have the opportunity to look at the "big picture" of the region and what it means to live in Southern Indiana.

The event will be held in New Albany at the Carnegie Center for Art and History - an award-winning museum that's dedicated to remembering our region's heroes.

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