Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Redevelopment's greatest quality-of-life project scratches every itch: "The Facility Is an Underground Compound Made Up of Luxury Apartments."

It's a must-have for all aspiring Dear Leaders. The perfect spot for a luxury bunker? Subterranean Summit Springs, of course.

TIF may wish to price a hernia truss or three.

The Facility Is an Underground Compound Made Up of Luxury Apartments, by Jenny McGrath (Digital Trends)

It might be better described as an underground (45 feet down) compound, as it has four luxury apartments, five staff bedrooms, a 15-seat home theater, conference rooms, a first-aid room, and a commercial kitchen. Above ground, there’s a 100-yard firearm range, so you can practice for the zombies. To keep the lights on, it has a three-phase power plant and backup solar system. “Above ground, The Facility offers 2,000 square feet of commercial space, a renovated 1,000-square-foot caretaker’s home, and below ground the facility offers 14,000-square-feet of living and working space,” according to a press release.


Randy Smith said...

This will complement the Eagle's Nest. Every Dear Leader needs both a bunker and a mountaintop retreat. And maybe a sub base.

The New Albanian said...

I believe a facsimile would fit easily into our riverfront plans:

Randy Smith said...

Oh. That's just lovely.