Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Guest columnist Nick Vaughn airs his grievances for Festivus.

I've asked Nick, and I'll be asking a few others, to consider writing columns for NA Confidential on a regular basis. If you're reading this and think you may have what it takes -- the few, the proud, the terminally splenetic -- then get in touch and we'll talk. 

Thanks to Nick for this 


Happy Festivus!

As many of you may or may not know, Festivus is a parody and secular holiday where the airing of grievances is commonplace and highly encouraged. Festivus first appeared in 1997 on the popular show Seinfeld. While there is a little more to Festivus, I will just be participating in the airing of grievances (because if everyone else can pick and choose, so can I).

1. Six votes is a tough pill to swallow. While I maintain that I absolutely loved the experience, I can't help but think the District 6 race would have ended a little differently if I had gotten through the primary. Maybe that's just my youthful inexperience talking (although I never made that an issue of my campaign).

2. Polling has really let the country down this year. First in Kentucky where Matt Bevin was projected to lose to the illustrious Jack Conway and then in the New Albany Mayoral Race. My faith in polling has fallen lower than my trust for gas station sushi.

3. Speaking of the Mayoral Race, can you believe Gahan was re-elected? I mean, I know we have a water park. Well, that's about it, I know we have a water park. Anyone know the protocol for a recall?

4. This one really isn't much of a grievance seeing as watching the opposition party fade away bodes well for the future of my party here in Floyd County. Nevertheless, I am going to complain about the systematic degradation of the Floyd County Democratic Party. I just remember the good ole days when the Democrats stood for something and I'm not saying they don't nationally (albeit I disagree with the vast majority of it), but here locally in Floyd County they have lost their way. I hope they find their way, I mean not really, but in the competitive spirit I hope they find their way (but they don’t have to, like, it's just a suggestion).

5. Now I'm getting into the gritty grievances. I thought it was just so nice for the city to “allow” the Republican City Councilmen (Al Knable, David Barksdale, and Dave Aebersold) to be sworn in at the over¬the¬top, brought to you by Mayor Jeff M. Gahan, Jingle Walk/Street Piano/Where You Should Be, City of New Albany Swearing in Ceremony. Almost made me forget about the hundreds of millions of debt, misuse of TIF, and lack of transparency.


6. Remember the Street Piano? Mrs. Gahan wishes you would forget. After the multi-month long fight with The Board of Works, my teacher, Hannegan Roseberry finally saw her vision of a street piano come to fruition in a beautiful ceremony at the piano’s home (although I think it has gone into retirement) in front of proud Gahan supporter, Jimmy of Jimmy’s Music Center.

7. We often hear about “leading from behind” in national politics as it is a big conservative talking point. But what do we call Gahan’s leadership? It's not so much leading from behind as it is not leading at all. I hope that his New Year’s resolution will be to take less vacations and attend at least 1 City Council meeting this coming year.

8. In such cases like the Jingle Walk and the Halloween Trunk or Treat (brought to you by Mayor Jeff M. Gahan and Mayor Jeff M. Gahan, respectively) the City subjected us to a “rain or shine” policy. This only further proves Gahan’s lack of leadership seeing as he hasn't yet learned how to control the weather. Oh no, I've given him a new idea. I can see it now: “Today we are looking at 73 degrees, sunny, a nice calm breeze coming from the southwest all brought to you by Mayor Jeff M. Gahan.”

9. The difference between a city logo and city seal should be the topic of conversation in the coming 4 years. It is something that just needs to be discussed after the fiasco in the City Council Chamber where Dan Coffey expressed his approval since the steamboat Robert E. Lee is inherently racist while Scott Blair just asked for clarification. I hope he leads the effort on defining the difference.

10. Lastly, I’d like to point out the fact I was not on Roger’s list for “New Albany Person of the Year.” Probably just goes back to my youthful inexperience, although I could have sworn he said he wouldn't make that an issue of the campaign. What? That was Reagan? Oh, I get the two confused sometimes.

Happy Holidays all! I hope the New Year brings you all success and prosperity. A huge thank you to Roger for letting me air my grievances on his blog! I'm hoping to get some new routine down for more content on a consistent basis. To all those I mentioned, I hope you find the humor in this and will be good sports. At the end of the day we all love New Albany and want it to succeed!

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Iamhoosier said...

While your party may be gaining "seats" in Floyd County, their work on the County Government level is nothing to write home about. I'm anxious to see how the 3 at large members operate on the NA Council. That all said, I agree with your thoughts about the local Democratic party.

Both local parties have a long way to go in actually serving the people of Floyd County.