Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Flaherty and Collins kicks off Break Wind Flats with a boffo map fail.

Jeff Gillenwater reporting from geographically indeterminate New Gahania.

Here's a rendering Flaherty and Collins is using to promote their development on Spring Street in New Albany. Based on the location of the river and downtown Louisville in it, they apparently don't know where Spring Street in New Albany is. Or maybe they don't want others to know.

Previously at NAC:

As the Coyle site is prepped for luxury, city functionaries praise corporate welfare "done right."

Seriously, the "luxury" apartments at the Coyle site will be called The Breakwater. No, really.

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w&la said...

Seems like it will be mighty dark in the luxury apartments that only have two little windows in the front room. No windows pool side? I hope the AC never fails.