Thursday, October 22, 2015

Seriously, the "luxury" apartments at the Coyle site will be called The Breakwater. No, really.

Fiction simply can't keep pace with Team Gahan's content providers. The name is real. My description is satirical:

Break YOUR wind at The Breakwater, New Albany's chic millennial-friendly housing for luxury-loving millennials who prefer their champagne on a PBR budget. Which is to say, how hard must we work to arrive at such consistently awful names for bright, shiny, TIF-bonded objects?

Consequently, and not unlike an anchor ...

... which keeps a boat firmly in place, we have yet another piece of water-based symbolism.

Breakwaters are generally shore-parallel structures that reduce the amount of wave energy reaching the protected area. They are similar to natural bars, reefs or nearshore islands and are designed to dissipate wave energy.

How very, very depressing, though it could be worse. You could be the police chief going door to door for the mayor's re-election in New Albany, the city dignity forgot.

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