Sunday, November 19, 2017

THE BEER BEAT: I brought my passport for beers at J-town's 3rd Turn Brewery.

Having joined the missus for a superlative Saturday brunch in Midway KY at the Holly Hill Inn, we diverted from the straight route home so I could experience something I'd never previously done -- namely, drinking locally-brewed beer in the epicenter of Jeffersontown.

In fact, I can't remember the last time I found myself in the epicenter of J-town for any reason, alcohol or otherwise. No matter; there's a time and place for everything.

3rd Turn Brewing's repurposed church building is wonderful, and I enjoyed the Marzen and Schwarzbier. It's too bad a mere 15 miles can feel like it's so damn far away.

It's also annoying to catch myself writing about the ideal adaptivity of discarded religious edifices for updated use as breweries and bars (here and here) while neglecting the one closest to me. May this phenomenon proliferate.

So, as a belated and brief overview, 3rd Turn Brewing is owned by four longtime homebrewing buddies in pursuit of good beer and a neighborhood feel. When 3rd Turn opened during J-town's signature Gaslight Festival in the fall of 2015, it was the first Louisville brewery to be established "outside the (I-264) loop."

The 1870s-era church had been used for other purposes prior to acquisition, and many previous so-called improvements had to be undone to make room for the brewery and taproom.

There's no food at 3rd Turn, but several restaurants are nearby and delivery options are available. Liquor can be had, and the taproom is dog-friendly. Finally, "3rd turn" is indeed a horse racing reference, though also applicable to one's own daily drinking regimen.

As a final indicator of my regrettable sloth in getting around to visiting this two-year-old "new" brewery, 3rd Turn already has expanded to Crestwood, 13 miles away from J-town -- this time outside the Gene Snyder Freeway (i.e., I-265) perimeter of Louisville locality demarcation.

Back in September, Insider Louisville's Kevin Gibson visited 3rd Turn's Oldham Gardens.

The four-acre farm in Crestwood that 3rd Turn Brewing acquired last December will open on Friday, having transformed with a 16-handle taproom, outdoor bar and patios, expansive garden and event space.

The brewery complex — although the brewing system has not yet been installed — also includes a small farm where staff will grow herbs, fruit and vegetables that will be used in brewing projects. Its official name is 3rd Turn Oldham Gardens.

Scorecard, please: 3rd Turn is a church brewery and a farm(house) brewery; the J-town location represents urban adaptive reuse, and Oldham Gardens is a countryside beer garden.

Well played, guys.

I'm just sorry it has taken me this long to make the million-mile trek from New Albany.

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