Friday, December 18, 2015

Remember back in 2008, when Pat Harrison feared the rental inspection Gestapo?

Ignorance of history is a New Albany birthright. Last night it was ethnic cleansing, but in March of 2008, Pat Harrison saw the Gestapo lurking behind rental property registration and inspection proposals.

That's right.

Seven years of nothingness ago.

Bluegill recalls ...

One of the funniest episodes in the past 10 years of New Albany political history: When Harrison again used the term Gestapo to refer to rental property inspection at another meeting after the one I mentioned, Greg Phipps called the comparison out as offensive, given that the actual Gestapo had murdered so many people like him. Harrison thought he meant Jewish and justified it by saying she had read Anne Frank's diary. You just can't make this stuff up.

NAC's coverage at the time:

Realtor Pat Harrison namedrops "Gestapo," seeks monopoly on disingenuousness.

The latter includes a video clip. I think it was just repeated, last night. 

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