Thursday, December 03, 2015

Pedestrian struck by police vehicle, and more accidents like this waiting to happen in wrong-way New Albany.

Item: Woman struck by NAPD vehicle has minor injuries (N and T; photo by Christopher Fryer)

I might as well say it for the thousand-and-first time.

Our high-speed arterials are unsafe for walkers, if for no other reason than the culture of driver obliviousness they support on an everyday basis.

There is inappropriate speed for densely populated urban areas. but moreover, again and again I see drivers turning onto one-way streets from side streets, and never once looking both ways. Instead, drivers look only in the direction of oncoming one-way traffic. \

But walkers have the right of way, don't they?

Just a few days ago, I experienced this with a police car. The lights were not on. He simply as not paying attention. He never looked to see if anyone was walking from the opposite direction. Someone less in tune than me could have been hit.

If the police fail to acknowledge walkers, who will?

If Jeff Gahan or any other mayor truly values walkability, then (a) he must lead the community-wide education effort from the bully pulpit, and not from the down-low, and (b) every city employee must be on board with the objective and serving as positive examples every single day, including the police, who still routinely block sidewalks to set up speed traps on streets that shouldn't be speedways to begin with.

How is it not brazen contempt for walkers that the city itself constantly blocks sidewalks and blithely ignores the dictates of the ADA? ]

For example: Bored of Works just laughs: ADA compliance? In New Albany?

Are we serious about walkability?

THEN COME OUT FROM THE BUNKER AND LEAD THE EFFORT, JEFF ... or please, just stop pretending.

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