Monday, December 14, 2015

Ian Hall provides a Brooklyn & the Butcher status report.

From the southern ethos of the forthcoming Gospel Bird, and Taco Steve's guerrilla street food, we now take you to Ian "The Exchange" Hall's update from his long-gestating Brooklyn & the Butcher:

Lot's of folks have asked about Brooklyn & the Butcher, our new modern steakhouse, and are wondering when it is going to open. We are wrapping up construction in the next few weeks, starting to build our management team, and will begin hiring for hourly positions in early January and begin training for our team. Once we have all the pieces of the puzzle in place we will let you know when the countdown begins. Thanks for the support.

As a reminder, Brooklyn & the Butcher will be located in the former New Albany Inn building on the southwest corner of Market and Bank. Concurrent with the eatery are a dozen rehabbed living spaces upstairs, courtesy of Matt Chalfant.

Restaurant openings are vicious, but Ian and his team are being meticulous. Things may be rolling by February.

Bars are being raised --and more importantly, stocked.

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