Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Is it Erika, or Erica, or Airikka? Is he or she it? Bigger than a Wal-Mart white bread basket?

Erika's back.

First, she scrutinizes the May primary ballot and offers LOCAL PRIMARY 2014 ENDORSEMENTS, and by her subterranean trognonymous standards, it isn't a bad showing: Only three misspellings of candidate names ...


 ... and a sentence coming after the list, advising readers to vote for the "following" names. It just goes to show that when it comes to the choice between proofreading and unfiltered Camels, every day's a smoke break.

But there's more!

The ellipse is teasingly elongated in In WHO'S - WHO IN 2013...., and NAC's senior editor gets a special nod from a special educator.

Biggest Bully of 2013 - Roger Baylor

Yay for me. I'd like to thank the preschool academy ... but seriously, Erika, is it Gardner or Gardenour? Same person, right?

Is it Schellemberger, Schuellenberger or Schellenberger?

Do the spellings change according the case and gender, as in this foreign version of English you're using? Is it a patois? Are barnacles impeding your pathway through the syntax?

Shouldn't you be supporting Coffey against Seabrook, so as to remove him from your seat to ultimate power (and Versace handbags) in the 1st council district?

Will Auntie V take you with her when she moves to the Gulf?

So many questions; so very little interest.

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