Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Jackie Green on Greg Fischer: "No, Greg, it is not about data ... "

So much for Billy "Oakland A's" Beane being an effective elected official, but Jackie is on point: Babbling about data sans context of vision has the net effect of nothingness. New Albanians know this all too well.

Local activist Jackie Green takes on Mayor Fischer’s data-driven approach, by guest blogger Jackie Green (Insider Louisville)

Governing magazine recently recognized several “Public Officials of the Year” — elected, appointed and career office-holders from across the nation.

Mayor Greg Fischer was one of those recognized. He was recognized as being “Data Driven,” praised for efforts such as LouieStat. “It all comes back to information.” The article ends by quoting him: “It’s data, man.”

No, Greg, it is not about data ...

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