Saturday, February 15, 2014

Taxes and "business-friendly" policies? Maybe for 1Si, but not for entrepreneurs.

Dare we delve once again into the world according to Richard Florida?

After all, I wouldn't want that Joel Kotkin exurban apologist guy coming by and egging my house.

Let's cut to the chase, all the while remembering that like so many other places, New Albany contributes to a net diaspora of talent. The talented typically move elsewhere. Those remaining here talk a lot about low taxes and business-friendly policies, and are Dixiecrats, and ...

Oops. I'm starting to see an ominous pattern.

What Cities Really Need to Attract Entrepreneurs, According to Entrepreneurs, by Richard Florida (Atlantic Cities)

... Perhaps even more interesting from the perspective of urban policy are the location factors that did not make the cut – those that high-growth entrepreneurs found to be of little consequence in their location decisions. At the very bottom of the list were taxes and business-friendly policies, which are, unfortunately, exactly the sorts of things so many states and cities continue to promote as silver bullets. Just 5 percent of the respondents mentioned low taxes as being important, and a measly 2 percent named other business-friendly policies as a factor in their location decisions.

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