Thursday, February 13, 2014

Package store empire opposes beer and wine at the Indiana State Fair.

"Big Red Liquors spoke in sole opposition to the bill during the hearing, citing concerns that greater access to alcohol would lead to abuse."

Meh. Why not let the reportable facts about state fair prohibition do the talking, and refrain from editorializing?

Meanwhile, the larger issue in this and numerous other legislative matters pertains not to Big Red's bizarre family-oriented fears (it only recently paid to be the guild's title sponsor at our Winterfest) but the irony of multinationals (begin with AB-InBev for the sake of convenience) kicking back at localism's palpable shift with their rheumy-eyed complaints about discrimination against the big guy, mostly prefaced with the latest, greatest bogeyman: "Granholm." 

Of course, they haven't been above rigging the marketplace by whatever means are available over a period of decades. Now they want protection against changing tastes and local shift. Screw the big guys -- but of course, that's just my opinion.

Based on what I heard yesterday, my guess is that the state fair's prohibition will end, and when given the buyer's choice as to what it purchases and from whom, the presence of Indiana beer and wine will be untainted by Stella Artois.

Brewers push for alcohol sales at Ind. State Fair, by Summer Ballentine (AP)

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — A nearly seven-decade-old ban on alcohol at the Indiana State Fair could come to an end if lawmakers can reconcile desires to promote local brews with concerns about maintaining the fair's "family friendly" atmosphere.

An Indiana House committee heard testimony Wednesday on a proposal to lift a ban on alcohol at the fair. The bill passed the Senate but still needs approval from the House and Gov. Mike Pence before it could take effect. A vote is expected next week.

State fair officials and beer brewers say the time has come to showcase Indiana-made craft beers and wines alongside other agricultural products. Liquor, not just wine and beer, also would be permitted if the bill becomes law.


Iamhoosier said...

If Big Red Liquors is so concerned about "greater access" leading to abuse, then I assume they are closing half of their stores in Bloomington. There's practically one on every corner.

The New Albanian said...

So much for peacemaking. (straight face) their point seems to be that while they do it right, perhaps others do not, and we must be very careful.