Sunday, July 30, 2017

The Runner, a documentary film about Joe Distler and the running of the bulls during San Fermin.

I'd been holding this one in reserve for quite a while, then completely forgot to post it during the time of the festival of San Fermin, which runs from July 6 through July 14 each year. I've attended the festival four times, but not since the year 2000.

ON THE AVENUES REWOUND: Red scarf, white shirt and San Miguel beer (2012).

These were fine times, indeed. I was able to meet wonderful people like Warren Parker ...

The art of Warren Parker.

 ... and Ray Mouton ...

Catching up with writer Ray Mouton, his novel, and the Catholic Church's pedophilia scandal.

 ... and larger-than-life festival habitues like the late Sexy Rexy.

Rest in peace, Sexy Rexy.

My cousin Don Barry made most of these introductions, and now, since his retirement, his brother Dennis has been able to experience the San Fermin phenomenon, too.

Denny provided the link to the video, which focuses on New Yorker Joe Distler and features a good many people whom I had the pleasure of meeting back in the day. If you've ever wondered what the running of the bulls is all about, this is a good place to start

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