Tuesday, April 11, 2017

With hilarity, #OurNA: Now Democratic donor Ginkins is added to Gahan's NA housing authority yes-board of lickspittles ... but is Riverside Terrace off the demolition schedule?

Ever since Susan Ryan's column was published in the Jeffersonville newspaper, prominent local Democrats have been even more deathly silent than usual.

It's #OurNA, all right: "New Albany attempting to purge itself of the poor" ... so, are local Democrats finally catching on to the Gahan shell game?

"To tear down someone’s home then send them off with a voucher hoping they will move to another city as was expressed publicly, is just plain cynical and cruel. There is already a waiting list for voucher approved housing. If we cannot accommodate everyone on that list, why would we add several hundred families to that list?"

The Green Mouse reports that uber-important, highly-placed Democratic donor and local contractor Terry Ginkins (they're all coincidental, mind you) has been placed on the New Albany Housing Authority (NAHA) board to further ensure a "favorable" outcome for Jeff Gahan's "screw the poor" NAHA putsch.

At the same time, the Green Mouse has been told that all isn't peachy keen with the mayor's war on those unsightly folks who stand in the path of luxury.

Hired gun consultant Rod Solomon evidently has been redlining the city's demolition wish list, with certain Redevelopment Commission members named Irving Joshua responding by huffing, puffing and threatening to ... to do what, exactly?

Hold his breath until the pool opens?

According to a source, among the sites removed from the bulldozer target list is Riverside Terrace. Solomon allegedly pointed out that David Duggins' tagging of the area as "brownfield" was ludicrous, and federal criteria for demolition could not be met.

"Theater of the absurd" seldom gets better than this.

Gahan artlessly lied to the newspaper when pleading ignorance about months passing without necessary board housing board appointments being made. Duggins (performing Mr. Spock on acid to Gahan's reverse James T. Kirk) and the mayor were informed several times, but waited for the propitious moment to pack the board for putsch duty.

There still isn't a resident commissioner, a position intended as liaison between board and tenants. City Hall has delayed constantly in making this appointment.

Pathetically, a mayor unwilling to dirty his hands with public housing is allowing minions like Duggins, a Clark County resident, to run interference for him.

The newspaper interview with Duggins – "who came off crowing like he just negotiated the Marshall Plan"* – unsurprisingly alarmed both residents and staff. Many attended the NAHA board meeting following publication and expressed questions and concerns, which Duggins brushed aside with his usual frat boy condescension.

Yo, local Democrats: Still feeling good about your commitment to social justice? Still delusional about Gahan's embrace of the same?

Isn't one Trump at a time enough?


* What makes this statement so funny is that Team Gahan doesn't know what the Marshall Plan was. Let's put it this way: Gahan isn't Harry Truman, is he?

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