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It's #OurNA, all right: "New Albany attempting to purge itself of the poor" ... so, are local Democrats finally catching on to the Gahan shell game?

It's surprising the Jeffersonville newspaper even published this piece.

Jeff Gahan's taxpayers are big weekly ad buyers, aren't they? The newspaper's editorial team recently concocted a paean to Gahan's Public Housing Putsch 2017 so namby-pamby that it appeared Eddie LaDuke had been reinstalled in the editor's chair.

1 of 2: Nick Vaughn eloquently demonstrates that Jeff Gahan's Great Public Housing Putsch of 2017 does nothing to address poverty -- the real problem.

2 of 2: Newspaper editorial board displays abject cluelessness about the Great Gahan Public Housing Putsch of 2017.

Make no mistake: I'm delighted to read this column. For far too long, local Democratic pretend-liberals have denounced Republican anti-social behavior while venerating Gahan for precisely the same knee-and-phallus-jerking.

In particular, party chairman Adam Dickey spews hypocrisy like the wood chipper following in the wake of downtown street tree deforestation.

Thanks, Susan Ryan. We deeply appreciate it. Does anyone else other than you in the local party get it?

RYAN: New Albany attempting to purge itself of the poor, by Susan Ryan

On Monday, April 24th, the New Albany Housing Authority will vote on a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the City of New Albany. It is a path to purge the city of poor people by tearing down over 600 units of public housing and then giving occupants vouchers to find a place to rent. Cleansing a city of the poor by evicting them and tearing down affordable housing seems to be in vogue (consider our neighbor Charlestown and the Pleasant Ridge neighborhood).

It seems to me that there has been some bullying behavior toward the New Albany Housing Authority (NAHA) by the Mayor’s office. This has led to some serious governance issues for the board of NAHA.

Sure was. After the snip ...

While the Tribune reported that Mayor Gahan said he was unaware of this problem, the fact is that the Board President personally spoke with him several times about the need which only seemed to be filled when the city needed the MOU signed. 

Gahan lied? Say it ain't so.

The City has several ways in which they can put a choke hold on what NAHA can accomplish including refusing to sign off on grant applications, refusing to issue demolition permits, refusal to issue building permits, and failing to make necessary appointments to the governance board. These have been used strategically undermine the vision and action of the board. 

If chicanery's the objective, there's no better point man on the planet than David Duggins.

The point is they work. If we would like to see them get out of public housing a good first step would be to raise the minimum wage. Why do we insist on believing that poor people are lazy when the reality is that most poor are working poor?

Because Eastridge Drive Rules.

To tear down someone’s home then send them off with a voucher hoping they will move to another city as was expressed publicly, is just plain cynical and cruel. There is already a waiting list for voucher approved housing. If we cannot accommodate everyone on that list, why would we add several hundred families to that list?

Son of Eastridge Drive Rules. They're elected officials, not book readers.

We can learn a lot about ourselves by how we treat the poor among us. 

And as such, we continue to learn a lot about local Democratic priorities.

Monday, April 24th, 5:30 p.m. at the NAHA. Will you be there to lend your voice and support to the vulnerable in our community?

I'll be there. Some recent links:

ON THE AVENUES: It's all so simple, says Jeff Gahan. Remove the impoverished, and voila! No more poverty!

I've been on it this year, haven't I? Hope I'm not bugging anyone.

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